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Introduction of our school

It totally depends on you how you can expand your learning. You can take specialized subjects course from other department while facing to learn the major subject. Our aim is to become a person giving wide range of knowledge and culture.

The destiny has allowed me to take responsibility of president of Edogawa International College inSHINOZAKI, which contains and inherits the culture of the Edo period. I have been teaching the Japanese language for 35 years with the philosophy of "people are treasures". And My thousands of international students from overseas made their dreams become true.

The school is established with the aim of cultivating international talents. In addition to teaching Japanese and Japanese knowledge, we also take the responsibility of exporting talents to the world. I hope that every student can achieve their dreams and goals, and our faculty members are the bricks of the students' road to dreams. I deeply believe that it is a very happy thing to be able to work side by side with students who are guilty of the future and who continue to realise their dreams. It’s better to see it, and sincerely look forward to the day when every student meets in Japan.