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Course list

Visa apply and
study abroad course

Study abroad course(Monday to Friday)

  • Beginner 1
  • Beginner 2
  • Intermediate level -1&2
  • Advanced level -1 & Advanced level - 2

You can be transferred to
international student course

Course for general people who live in Japan(Monday to Friday)

  • Course for general people who live in Japan


Preparation classes(Depends on time)

  • EJU Course preparation classes (only for those who wish to pay)
  • Extra classes for EJU & JLPT (Conducted within course time.)
  • Classes are selected by purpose

Japanese Classes for

Saturday class

  • Brush-up Japanese language proficiency for business people

Special classes tailored
to students

Private lesson

  • Private Classes.

Consultation for study and

Consultation for higher education / consultation for employment

  • Pre-college consultation for higher study
  • Employment consultation