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The school period is following that
1 year, 2 years (Admission in April), 1 and a half year (Admission in October)
Class hours: Monday to Friday, 4 hours in a day, morning or afternoon

Educational Methods and Goals
Based on Principal’s 35 years experience, you can enjoy learning Japanese language with unique methods, such as easy-to-understand introduction and easy-to-understand board writing. We will encourage students to become independent through participatory and outgoing classes. Learn to read, speak, write, and listen in a balanced manner, emphasize communication skills, and improve adaptability to Japanese society. We encourage the students to understand and adjust multicultural coexistence.
Beginner achievement target
Beginner 1
(Start from N5 equivalent level)

  1. Understand familiar information and talk on familiar themes.

  2. Can easily live daily life without any problems.

  3. Can read and understand short sentences.

  4. Can fill out documents such as application forms in daily life, Learn basic vocabulary words of hiragana and katakana in correct pronunciation.

  5. Learn Kanji, a Chinese character (100 characters.)

Beginner 2
(N5 level to N4 level)

  1. Can read and understand basic vocabulary in about familiar topics.

  2. Learn Kanji a Chinese character (200 characters.)

  3. Can make your own opinions and thoughts into sentences.

  4. Can use SNS (Social Networking Service) in Japanese language.

  5. Communicate with Japanese people.

  6. Understand Japanese conversation about daily life topics.

  7. Summarize the contents (subjects).

Intermediate achievement target
Intermediate level 1-2
(N4 level to N2)

  1. Learn the advanced level grammar for the higher education and work, Develop the necessary presentation skills and writing skills.

  2. Understand and summarize the long sentences.

  3. Can speak and write your thoughts and opinions.

  4. Speak with correct pronunciation and intonation.

  5. Can listen and understand topics in conversation.

  6. Improve the prompt understanding and rapid reading ability.

  7. Learn vocabulary and kanji used in newspapers (300 characters).

Achievement target for advanced level
Advanced level course 1& 2
(N2 ~ N1 level course)

  1. Improve the more specific skills for the higher education and work.

  2. Can create report, learn how to fill out resume and make reports. Practice the interview method.

  3. Learn and use advanced grammar,
  4. Acquire vocabulary and Kanji used in novels and newspapers (600 characters).

  5. Can write a script of the speech about 10 minutes.

  6. Discussion and Debate