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Consultation of Study & Employment

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You can consult about study and employment.

Consult the school about admission to graduate schools, universities, and vocational schools, and finding employment in Japan. The consultation time is decided by making an appointment with the teacher in advance. Basically, it takes place outside of school hours.

Consultation of Study & Employment
Consultation Matters
In the advanced study consultation, we will provide the information about various schools to students. Students can get brochures, open campus details as well as we teach students how to write applications, and have them interview practice, and so on. When JLPT, EJU, TOEFL scores, etc. are required depending on the university you go to, the teacher will check necessary documents with the students. For those students who wish to go on to graduate school, we also provide guidance on research plans. In the employment consultation, we will give guidance on how to write resumes and practice interviews.