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We provide various support for student life after enrollment. As international students are often worried about their residence, we provide consultations related to housing concerns. We know it difficult to find a residence in Tokyo. We work with companies that provide housing, and will assist you in finding rooms at any time before or after enrollment. We can suggest various types of residences such as apartment and student dormitories in Tokyo. If you would like a homestay, please contact us.


This is a student dormitory on the top floor of our school.

Recommended for those people who want to be study intensively, want to be close to the school. You can interact with the students from other countries and enjoy dormitory life. There are many restaurants and parks nearby bring you
satisfied environment.

Nishishinozaki (west Shinozaki) Dormitory (Only for men)

A men's dormitory in Nishi Shinozaki (west Shinozaki) only for men who are close to our school.

This place is close to the school and you can go easily to school by bicycle.

Shinozaki Dormitory 2

Completed September 2019

A 5-minute walk from the school 4 people live in 2DK. It also has a private room.